Demo Consulting & Engineering

Founded and managed by Yonatan (Yoni) Yulevich, an internationally renowned expert with rich experience in the construction aluminum, façade and building envelope field. Demo engineering, by Mr. Yulevich’s leadership has been involved with some of the largest and most important projects worldwide.

Since 1994, Demo consultancy has designed, developed, consulted, managed and has been responsible for countless SQM of curtain walls, skylights cladding, glass walls etc. for dozens projects worldwide, cooperated with the major world leading companies in the façade field, such Permasteelisa, Josef Gartner, Hueck, Schuco, Technal, Kawneer and Israeli companies such as Extal, Alumayer, Klil, Profal, Arpal Defender and more. Mr. Yulevich has more than 27 years of experience with design, development and engineering as with other large fields and industries.

The company provides design & consulting services to entrepreneurs, architects and manufacturers in the building envelope, curtain walls, glass walls and the façade field, starting from the project design, technical requirements definition, systems, glass etc. through the structural calculations, details, shop drawings, testing, tendering etc. and inspection to total projects management as well.

Our client gets the added value of our extensive knowledge and experience and the broad familiarity with all types of systems, materials, international standards and manufacturers.

Our wide experience with most of the international standard, projects design and system development and our relationships and cooperation with the main worldwide suppliers and manufacturers allows us to custom the design to fit the project needs, the architect desires and the entrepreneur’s budget, avoiding dependence on catalog products that may not fit the project.



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